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Community Robotics, Education, and Technology Empowerment 

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Welcome to the CREATE Lab

The CREATE Lab is both a technology breeding ground and a community partner. It is this unique combination that enables a new form of local change: one that empowers the citizens to chart their technology future and, most important of all, their community's prospects for quality of life.

What We Do

The projects by CMU CREATE Lab exemplify a dedication to utilizing technology and collaboration to tackle societal concerns and promote various initiatives, including environmental awareness, enhancing classroom learning, fostering emotional well-being in children, and visualizing global and local narratives


NearBy Data

Continuation and expansion of a model for incorporating relevant data technologies into classroom curriculum, with the education expertise of West Liberty University and technology expertise of the CREATE Lab.


Smell MyCity

Designed for a national audience, any community can use the Smell MyCity app to collectively document pollution odors in their neighborhood.

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ESDR is a free and open-source repository for environmental sensor data. Explore data in realtime to find patterns across different sensors in a region.


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Illah R. Nourbakhsh
5000 Forbes Avenue
Robotics Institute, NSH 3105
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213



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